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HOA Management

Keeping up with ever-changing laws, insurance requirements, and tax filings related to your nonprofit organization is an enormous task for volunteer board members. The responsibility of serving as a fiduciary in your community association is a true commitment that can and should be a rewarding experience.

As your Community Association Partner, we begin by asking questions, learning your objectives and concerns, and then creating a strategy to meet those needs.


Some of the services we provide:


  • Maintain compliance with governing documents consistently and uniformly in a way that’s fair to all residents
  • Process dues and assessments, pursue delinquent accounts, and provide consistent collection efforts
  • Vendor selection, including competitive bidding process, management / coordination, and follow through
  • Monthly financial reporting
  • Coordinate tax preparation and the financial review process
  • Manage and track architectural requests
  • Provide prompt response to escrow inquiries, insurance requests, lender questionnaires, and other demands related to sales and escrow processes
  • Weekly inspections of property
  • Establish a web-based document library for all governing documents, CC&Rs, bylaws, amendments, resolutions, etc.
  • Coordinate a reserve study
  • Annual meeting assistance (agenda and ballot preparation and mailing, attendance at meeting, and event planning)
  • Improve communication throughout the community
  • Reduce workload for board members (decrease burn-out)
  • Facilitate conflict resolution (trained mediator on staff)
  • Provide continuity and consistency throughout board and committee member changes and transitions